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ESP Engineering Experience since 1994 with CNC Cutting Machine and Professional Cutting Wire Solutions in Industrial Styrofoam, XPS, Rock Wool, Sponge, Polyurethane Cutting

Quick Overview of ESP Engineering Machines

Material Cutting Solutions for Different Industries

Stone Wool Cut, Styrofoam EPS, XPS, Sponge and Much More

ESP Engineering designs cutting and forming machines for the main materials of many different sectors such as Construction, Automotive, Furniture, Textile. You can explore the cutting machines for rock wool, glass wool, gas concrete, gypsum board, styrofoam, EPS, XPS, sponge, leather, fabric, cellular glass, cork material and many other materials, or you can detail your project by sending us a special design form.

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Automobile Industry Solutionsi

CNC Cutting Machine and CNC Cutting Wire Types and Computer-assisted Stro Sponge Machines for Automobile Seats, Lasers for Plexiglass and Leather Cutting at ESP Engineering!

Cutting Wires

Multi-purpose cutting wire types for different materials that can be used with CNC Cutting Machines and Manual Cutting Machines or independently.

ESP Engineering in the International Market

CNC Cutting Machines for the Furniture Industry

Cutting and shaping for MDF, Plywood, Leather, Fabric, Sponge and much more, Processing your customized designs with Laser.

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Take advantage of ESP Engineering Free Installation and Machine Usage Training Opportunities. With Our Logistics Partners, Yurtiçi Cargo in Turkey, TNT Assurance for International Shipments.

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CNC CNC Styrofoam Cut ve Forming Machines

Discover our Styrofoam Cutting Machines, or order the Styrofoam products for your needs by contacting us with Styrofoam, one of our brands.

3D Printers

3D Printer Part Production Solutions, 3D Printer Types

If you want, you can order the parts produced with the 3D Printer, or buy the 3D Printer itself. 3D Printer types are at 3D TÜRK PRINTERS, which is among our brands.

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Fast Wire Cutting

Thanks to the computer aided CNC cutting machines, Fast Wire Cutting makes it possible to make precise shaping on the material being cut and to obtain smoother surfaces by moving the cutting wire very quickly.

What is Styrofoam?

It is a synthetic material made from crude oil. Styrofoam is obtained by rolling the oil part and is formed in the form of small balls during refining. As a result of injecting steam into these balls, the balls swell and stick to each other. This material has areas of use as insulation or packaging material. Between two brick walls, between the roof and inside when needed…

What is Stone Wool?

The state of volcanic rocks, especially basalt, melted at high temperatures and gained the property of building material is called stone wool. Stone wool is generally used as an insulation material on the exterior of buildings. It is also very advantageous in that it is resistant to fire due to its stone wool content. For this reason, it is a building material that is frequently used in the construction industry. Stone wool is both heat and sound…